The Sputhe 60 engine is quite a bit smoother than a 45 engine.  It is more powerful because of the duel intakes and a lighter, more rigid valve train.  It is also quite a bit stronger due to the wider 60-degree angle.  There is no need for piston-to-piston relieves and the bearings are much larger.

Harley-Davidson incorporated a number of the 60’s features into its Twin Cam series engines.  The Sputhe Sixty has been running since 1992.  H-D uses the same crankcase venting system, the same scavenging system and the same type of lifters as the Sixty.

During the past 13 years, the Sixty has been tested in a number of configurations, single and duel carbureted, as well as fuel injected in displacements from 78 ci to 125 ci.  We built a 120 cid injected alcohol engine for Danny Grotto in Australia.  He has been drag racing the same engine for 11 years without failure.

*Not in production at this time.


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