As you read through this web site you will notice that many of our products are unique.  We are not importers or distributors for other manufacturers.

If a product you buy from us bears the name Sputhe Engineering, you can be assured that we made it and that we will back it with knowledgeable technical assistance, service and spare parts.

Our facilities include: A complete pattern, mold and die shop.  A production machine shop that employs the latest CAD-CAM technology and is equipped with the most advanced American made CNC machining centers and inspection equipment.

All of our product development and prototype testing is done in-house.  We are able to respond to new developments more quickly and with better products than our competitors.  Since we don’t have to rely upon outside vendors, we are able to exercise much greater control over the quality and production scheduling of our products than our competitors can.


Sputhe Engineering, Inc. is located in the foothills of the western slope of the High Sierras, approximately fifty miles Northeast of Sacramento, California, 9 miles south of the town of Grass Valley.


There is a demonstrated, growing demand for high quality, high performance after-market equipment for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  At Sputhe Engineering, we are a manufacturer, which supplies this dynamic market.  We serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing them with the engine and transmission components they desire.  We make sure that our customers have what they need for their motorcycles, as well as the latest technology in new accessories, and reliable components.  Our company name has long been known for providing the very best in high performance equipment.

Sputhe Spectre, 100” Sputhe Engine
Bonneville 1998

Mark Topolinsky, rider

Rod Cavanaugh, 108” Sputhe Engine
ROC frame

Tom Foster, 104” Sputhe Engine 2002

Emery Mitchel, 101” Sputhe FXR 1996

E-Mail: sputhe@hotmail.com

Tel: (530) 268-0887
11185 Lime Kiln Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949-9715

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