Pulleys and Sprockets


Andrews pulleys match the 1994 design.  This arrangement has the advantage of 50% longer internal spline length than the early design.  The new style pulleys fit both early (1985 to 1993) and late transmissions.  All pulleys intended for 1985 to 1993 transmissions must use Sputhe 8263B spacer.  All pulley kits include seals and new style lock rings.  A 6% or 9% gear ratio change is very noticeable.

29 Tooth power pulley – 9% MORE TORQUE IN EACH GEAR.


30 Tooth power pulley– 6% MORE TORQUE IN EACH GEAR.

BETTER THAN 6 SPEED34 Tooth cruising pulley – 6% MORE MPH.  180 RPM drop in engine RPM @ 60 MPH.


S-22 Teeth 

S-23 Teeth 

S-24 Teeth 

1980 to 1985 FLT & FXR, all Sputhe 5/4-speed transmissions.

Part #8277  Special narrow sprocket nut for Sputhe 5/4 transmissions.
Part #8284  Tab washer for 1980 to 1985 Big Twin and all Sputhe 5/4-speed transmissions.

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